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Cognitive Dancing

One of the central conclusions of modern cognitive science consists in understanding the mind as the authentic primary source of success and high-level performance in every possible human activity. In particular, this means that for learning to dance and for being subsequently successful at it, one needs to train not only the body but also one needs to practice the mind constantly. Specifically, one should learn to get a minimal level of cognitive-listening of (beyond of just perceiving the) music around.


 On the other hand, another great new consequence regarding dancing is that potentially anybody can perform great levels of dance performance in different styles, even persons with special physical limitations. So, this means that if you are able of setting your mental and cognitive potential free for dancing, no matter what challenges do you encounter, then you will be successful on it at the level you desire to fix.


Hence, what we do in any course of cognitive dancing is working methodologically and with a high level of humor, passion, technique and empathy for bringing you faster and effectively to your personal dancing’s goals and to the release of the best movements you never imagine you can dance.

This is a unique approach blending scientific, kinematic and social techniques into action.

So, if you are open for new inspiration, please join us in any of our courses!!!


For more information please see the Official Website

Cognitive DreamingReal

This is a unique multi- and interdisciplinary form of cognitive mentoring with the main goal of using the latest results on the fundamental laws of the mind for clarifying step-by-step how to used in daily life for obtaining higher levels of inter and external realization, and for creating, updating and personalizing personal and collective (cognitive) visions.


For more information please see the official website (in Spanish and very soon in English also) www.DreamingReal.Me








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