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The study of the mind is one of the most fascinating and multifaceted concerns of mankind. So, in order to obtain effective and useful models explaining and describing its essential features a fully interdisciplinary approach is needed. Besides, mathematics is, among many others, the language in which the laws of nature seem to be written with maximum precision. Therefore, a strong and mature formation in pure and applied mathematics represents a huge advantage for starting this enhancing scientific journey through global laws of the mind. 

My current research ranges from commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, model theory, Artificial Mathematical Intelligence (AMI), i.e., the theoretical and practical foundations of software able to solve mathematical conjectures with a human-style output; 

the interdisciplinary study on the foundations of mathematics, quantum mechanics (and its relation with ZFC) the philosophical and formal foundations of an experimental science of natural consciousness, the design of global intelligence tests, to the design and formalization of a general theory of mind with a sound mathematical framework.

Moreover, the development of solid and highly effective learning/teaching techniques with a sound cognitive and multidisciplinary background.

Finally, the development of robust biological, behavioural (cognitively inspired) and preventive guidelines for developing a stronger immune system (for successfully overcoming virus like SARS-Cov-2 (resp. COVID-19).



2017 - present

Associated Researcher

Research Groups

Computational Logic and Algebra

Vienna University of Technology

Vienna, Austria

Cognitively-inspired Foundations for Mathematics

Quantum Mechanics (and its Connections with Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory with Choice)

The Interdisciplinary Study of a Global and Mathematically-sound Theory of Mind

2013 - 2017

Associated Researcher

Artificial Intelligence Group

Institute of Cognitive Sciences

University of Osnabrueck.

Member of the Consorsium

COINVENT (Concept Invention Theory)

European Research Project

Commutative Algebra (e.g. The Homological Conjectures, Closure Operations and Forcing Algebras), Algebraic Geometry and its connection with Model theory

Number Theory from an Intra-, Inter and Multidisciplinary Perspective

General Taxonomy of the Fundamental Cognitive Mechanisms used in Scientific Invention

General Foundations of an Experimental Science of Natural Conciousness

2010 - 2013

Affiliated Researcher 

Institute of Mathematics

University of Osnabrueck

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